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    In less than 2 minutes, you can be insured, without ever having to speak to an agent.

  • Just Drive.

    We track how, and how much, you drive. This let's us price you fairly and treat you right.

  • Drive Better. Save More.

    Your driving behavior isn't set in stone. We'll help you drive better so you can save more.

It is easy to switch to the insurance that puts you in control.

We're on the edge of breakthrough changes in how we work, live, and play. These changes require a new kind of insurance, which is why we created Motion.

We think it's fundamentally unfair for drivers to be priced largely by their zip code and FICO, and we're working to change that. You don’t have to wait for your current term to expire.

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It is all in the app

  • Add new drivers

    Adding new drivers to your account couldn't be simpler than our app. Follow a few quick steps and you're all taken care of!

  • View insurance cards

    No more worrying about losing your physical card - display your digital card quickly from our app. It's as easy as just a few quick taps.

  • File a claim

    When an unfortunate event happens use our app to connect with us over phone, chat, or email and file a claim 24/7.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Run out of gas? Car won't start? Need a tow? You can get the roadside assistance you need quickly within the app.

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Don't take our word only.
Here is what some of our customers think.

"One of the simplest companies to get a quote from. It was simply and easy and saved me money with the same coverages I had."

Brittany M.

"Three steps and I had a real quote! I had a question and they instantly were available through their online chat tool. I had insurance and my ID card in just a few minutes."

Peter R.